Schoettle Family Seal in 1548

The branch of the Schoettle family we are primarily interested in originated in the area around Ebhausen in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany, south east of Stuttgart in the Black Forest. We have not found any major areas other than this for Schoettles in Germany. The Evangelisch Kirche in Ebhausen has records going back hundreds of years detailing births, marriages, deaths, baptisims and confirmations. Much of the information used came from microfilms of these records and Ortssippenbuchs authored by Doctor Burkhart Oertel. Many of the residents of this area were woodsman of some type.
One branch of the family emigrated to Russia in the Bessarabia area in response to calls for German farmers. They stayed a while and then emigrated to the United States.

Johann Martin Schoettle and Johann Christian Schoettle both emigrated to the Covington, Kentucky area around 1846. Johann Martin stayed in the Covington area until he died in 1884 Johann Christian returned to Germany and married Christine Durr in 1854. After the birth of their son Georg, Anna Marie who was a recent widow and several of her children emigrated to the Covington Kentucky area. One son, George Jacob remained in Ebhausen.

George Jacob Schoettle Family (my direct ancestors)

George Jacob was born in 1790 in Ebhausen, Germany. His first wife, Margaret Walz died in 1822. He then married Anna Marie Nestle. He had six children with Margaret Walz but only two lived to their 20's and neither was ever married. He had 14 children with Anna Marie, seven were either stillborn or died before they were four.

The following arrived in New York on the ship Splendid in October 1854:

Anna Marie Nestle Schoettle - wife of George Jacob Schoettle.
Johann Christian - son of George Jacob and Anna Marie Nestle. He moved to Pleasant Ridge, Madison County, Illinois and is the primary connection to the Berg family.
Marie Catherine Schoettle - married Christian Gottlieb Blum in 1856 in Madison County, Illinois. He was a cowbell manufacturer in Collinsville, Illinois.
Rosina Marie Schoettle - no further information after her arrival on the Splendid.
Frederika Catherine Schoettle - Frederika and Johann Michael Deines, who also came with the family on the Splendid, returned to Ebhausen soon after arriving and were married in Ebhausen. They never returned to the U.S.
Magdalena Schoettle - no further information after her arrival on the Splendid.
Christine Durr Schoettle, wife of Johann Christian Schooettle
Georg Jacob Schoettle, son of Johann Christian Schoettle
Christian Nestle, nephew of Anna Marie Nestle Schoettle. He stayed in Covington Kentucky where he was living with Johann Martin Schoettle in 1870.