The following Schoettles have not been linked to a known family member but have been included because there is a high probablitiy they will eventually be identified.
  • Charles Schoettle Charles (born 1812) and his wife Elizabeth were both born in Wuerttenberg and settled in Winnebago County Wisconsin. No children were shown in the 1850-1880 census and Charles died in 1890
  • Erwin Schoettle 1899-1976. He was a member of the SPD in Germany and fled to exile in London during World War II. He was born in the area between Stuttgart and Ebhausen
  • Gustav Schoettle Born in Stuttgart, moved to Kansas City then to University of Iowa, started music school. Then moved to Minneapolis and then to Denver Colorado
  • Jakob Schoettle
  • Jane Schoettle International Programmer at Toronto International Film Festival Group
  • John Schoettle Cincinnatti. born 1829. There is also a John Schoettle in Covington Kentucky (just across the river from Cincinnati) almost the same age!
  • John Schoettle Collinsville, Illinois
  • Wilhelm Schoettle Family settled in Pennsylvania