King Robert Capet II of France

M, #3453
Father*King Hugh Capet of France
Mother*Adelaide of Poitou
     Robert married Constance of ArlesTolouse.

King Hugh Capet of France

M, #3455
Father*Count Hugh Capet of Paris
     Hugh married Adelaide of Poitou.

Adelaide of Poitou

F, #3456
     Adelaide married King Hugh Capet of France, son of Count Hugh Capet of Paris and Edhilda.

Count Hugh Capet of Paris

M, #3457
Father*King Robert (?) I of France
     Hugh married Edhilda.

King Robert (?) I of France

M, #3459
Father*Duke Robert (?) "The Strong" of Neustria
     Robert married Beatrice.

Duke Robert (?) "The Strong" of Neustria

M, #3461

HRH King Ferdinand Hapsburg III of Castile and Leon

M, #3462, b. 1199, d. May 30, 1252
Father*HRH King Alfonso IX (?) IX Of Leon
Mother*HRH Queen Valladolid Berengaria (?) Castile
King Ferdinand III
     HRH King Ferdinand Hapsburg III of Castile and Leon, son of HRH King Alfonso IX (?) IX Of Leon and HRH Queen Valladolid Berengaria (?) Castile, was born in 1199.1
He held the title of King of Castile during the period 1217 to 1252.1
Ferdinand married Beatrice Hohenstaufen on November 30, 1219.1
He held the title of King of Leon during the period 1230 to 1252.1
Ferdinand married Johanna of Ponthieu (?), Countess Aumale in 1237.1
Ferdinand died on May 30, 1252 in Seville, Andalusia, Province of Seville, Spain.1 He was buried in June, 1252 in Province of Seville.1
He was canonised on Feb 4, 1671 as St. Ferdinand.1
King of Leon and Castile, member of the Third Order of St. Francis, born in 1198 near Salamanca; died at Seville, 30 May, 1252. He was the son of Alfonso IX, King of Leon, and of Berengeria, the daughter of Alfonso III, King of Castile, and sister of Blanche, the mother of St. Louis IX.

In 1217 Ferdinand became King of Castile, which crown his mother renounced in his favour, and in 1230 he succeeded to the crown of Leon, though not without civil strife, since many were opposed to the union of the two kingdoms. He took as his counsellors the wisest men in the State, saw to the strict administration of justice, and took the greatest care not to overburden his subjects with taxation, fearing, as he said, the curse of one poor woman more than a whole army of Saracens. Following his mother's advice, Ferdinand, in 1219, married Beatrice, the daughter of Philip of Swabia, King of Germany, one of the most virtuous princesses of her time. God blessed this union with seven children: six princes and one princess. The highest aims of Ferdinand's life were the propagation of the Faith and the liberation of Spain from the Saracen yoke. Hence his continual wars against the Saracens. He took from them vast territories, Granada and Alicante alone remaining in their power at the time of his death. In the most important towns he founded bishoprics, reestablished Catholic worship everywhere, built churches, founded monasteries, and endowed hospitals. The greatest joys of his life were the conquests of Cordova (1236) and Seville (1248). He turned the great mosques of these places into cathedrals, dedicating them to the Blessed Virgin. He watched over the conduct of his soldiers, confiding more in their virtue than in their valour, fasted strictly himself, wore a rough hairshirt, and often spent his nights in prayer, especially before battles. Amid the tumult of the camp he lived like a religious in the cloister. The glory of the Church and the happiness of his people were the two guiding motives of his life. He founded the University of Salamanca, the Athens of Spain. Ferdinand was buried in the great cathedral of Seville before the image of the Blessed Virgin, clothed, at his own request, in the habit of the Third Order of St. Francis. His body, it is said, remains incorrupt. Many miracles took place at his tomb, and Clement X canonized him in 1671. His feast is kept by the Minorites on the 30th of May. (

Family 1

Beatrice Hohenstaufen b. 1201


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Johanna of Ponthieu (?), Countess Aumale1

F, #3463


HRH King Ferdinand Hapsburg III of Castile and Leon b. 1199, d. May 30, 1252


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HRH Queen Valladolid Berengaria (?) Castile

F, #3465

Alfonzo VII Raimundez, Emperor, Count of Castile

M, #3468
Father*, conde de Galicia y Coimbr
Mother*(?), Countess of Castile
     Alfonzo married Berengar Berenguela of Barcelona.

(?), Count of Burgundy

M, #3472
Father*(?), Count of Burgundy
     William married Etienette de Longwy.

Etienette de Longwy

F, #3473
     Etienette married (?), Count of Burgundy, son of (?), Count of Burgundy and Alice.

(?), Count of Burgundy

M, #3474
Father*Othon-Guillaume de Macon, Count de Macon, de Nevers
Mother*Ermentrude de Roucy
     Renaud married Alice.

Othon-Guillaume de Macon, Count de Macon, de Nevers

M, #3476
Father*(?), King of Italy
     Othon-Guillaume married Ermentrude de Roucy.

(?), King of Italy

M, #3478
Father*(?), King of Italy
Mother*Willa of Tuscany
     Adalbert married Gerberga.

(?), King of Italy

M, #3480
Father*(?), Count and Margrave of Ivrea
Mother*Ermengarda of Tuscany
     Bergenger married Willa of Tuscany.